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The Best Way to Promote Your Business Online

Congratulations on starting your own business, I simply make that assumption because otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this so congrats on your first step in the right direction. Everything sounds very complicated right now but today we are going to explain it in the easiest way possible starting with:

Building your own website

If you are starting a hobby site and don’t want to invest any or much money I suggest you sign up for the cheapest hosting plan at Namecheap and with a little luck they throw in a free domain name. Then it’s a matter of installing WordPress, finding a nice theme, doing some customizations and publishing your content and images/photos. You can also use a third-party platform like Wix for a blog or Shopify for an e-commerce site and they will simplify everything for you.

Promoting your website

The easiest way to find people that are interested in your website are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, each of those platforms have their own groups and influencers that you can join or connect with, and you can either share your site’s content for free or at a little fee. Once you built up a following you can promote to them as well. But how do I build up a following without spending hours behind my screen? Good question, there are bots and automation services for that that don’t cost you the whole world.

Reach out to people

If you don’t reach out to people they won’t reach out to you either as you’re brand new and no one knows where to find you so you have to take the initiative here, don’t wait for others as it just won’t happen. There are plenty of ways to reach out to websites and there are tools like Ninja Outreach and BuzzSumo that can help you automate that and keep track of it. The more people you reach, the more successful your business will be.

Invest in your business

Now that people know about your business it’s time for the next step, paid advertising, but not in the traditional way as that will probably result in a failure or at a much higher cost than expected. What you want to do here is retarget the people that you already engaged with on social media and during your outreach campaign. Many people will have visited your website and by installing a tracking pixel you can retarget them at a much lower cost.