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Decompression for Back Pain – Does it Work?

Yes. Decompression works for back pain. In fact, it is a great alternative form of treatment if non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines aren’t working for you. It is also ideal if you don’t want to take steroid injections or see a chiropractor.

But, what exactly is decompression?

Spinal decompression is all about stretching your spine using a traction table or a motorized device. That alters the force and position of your spine. By extension, this change reduces the pressure on your spinal disks. For starters, these are gel-like cushions located between the bones of your spine. Decompression creates some negative pressure inside your disc. The effect is that herniated, or bulging disks retract, reducing the pressure exerted on your nerves and other structures in your spine. It also improves the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients into your discs so they can start to heal.

Can you use spinal decompression at home?

Sure you can. However, you have to invest in a traction device. You can use a traction device on your own or with some assistance depending on your level of pain. Visit to read more about the best traction devices you can use to reduce the intensity of your back pain at home.

Do doctors use spinal decompression?

Yes. In fact, there’s medical evidence that spinal decompression can help treat a host of pain-related conditions such as degenerative disk disease, worn spinal joins, and back or neck pain. Spinal decompression can also help manage diseased or spinal nerve roots.

Who should use spinal decompression?

While anybody can use spinal decompression, it is good to talk to your doctor first to determine if you can use this option to treat your back pain. Even then you shouldn’t try it if you’re pregnant or have other conditions such as tumor or fracture.
In Conclusion
Back pain can cause a lot of discomforts, and you should take the first chance that you get to treat it. Indeed, there are many treatment options so be sure to choose what works for you. Spinal decompression, in particular, is effective, and you don’t have to leave your home. And, if you invest in the right traction device, it is relatively cheaper in the long term when compared to the treatments such as drugs. Of course, if the pain persists, you can always visit your doctor for further advice and assistance.