Ville Rants

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish to have that gleaming smile in front of people or the camera? The secret behind the perfect smile lies in cosmetics dentistry which improves your smile, mouth, and teeth appearance leaving you with a good confidence look. Cosmetic dentistry ranges from simple to complex procedures. It’s important for you to visit a good dentist for specialized treatment.

1.    Teeth whitening: The foods and the drinks you have as well as personal habits like smoking causes tooth staining. Genetics can also lead to yellow or brown teeth. These conditions can be treated through teeth whitening which is the most common and simplest form of cosmetic dentistry. Bleaching of teeth involves cleaning of all debris, tartar and plaque from the tooth surface to leaving the teeth white or even brighter than they were original. This can be achieved by various techniques such as the use of the home kit, pure laser method or kick start laser and can take one hour to six months depending on the method applied. Visit Fastbraces Liverpool  for a comprehensive expert advice on the how each method works.

2.    Dental Veneers:  These are artificial teeth from ceramics and designed to resemble your natural teeth. Veneers help in fixing cracked and crooked teeth, gaps, damaged enamel and increasing teeth dimension. The dentist applies the veneer in front of the teeth using a chemical for bonding.

3.    Composite bonding:  This procedure involves the repair of decayed, discolored or damaged teeth using a tooth enamel resembling. The composite is applied on the tooth surface and then bonded using a dental adhesive making your tooth appear healthy.

4.    Dental Implants: These are titanium screws used to replace lost tooth. Any debris and opaque should be cleaned before placing the implant and requires maximum oral care during the implant period. The dentist places the implant which resembles the tooth on the jaw surface of the lost tooth.

5.    Teeth straightening: This procedure aims at fixing teeth irregularities such as a crooked or crowded tooth. A process known as orthodontics is applied which involves fitting a brace or metal resembling tooth in the mouth. The brace straightens the tooth over time by pulling or pushing them.

6.    Inlays and Onlays:  These are indirect fillings manufactured in a medical laboratory and used to fix partially decayed tooth or where the tooth structure cannot support a complete filling. An inlay applied when the tooth cusps are intact and not damaged. On the other hand, an outlay is placed on the tooth surface when the cusps or tooth is extensively damaged.

A smile is good, but a gleaming smile is the best. Get rid of the unpleasant looks on your teeth getting an excellent cosmetic dentistry from a qualified dentist and be confident in front of others.